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    my News

    September 20, 2002

    I'm just getting around to realizing how hideous the thing at the top of this page is.  You win some, you lose some.  So I've moved out to Leicester in western North Carolina.  We live on a gravel road, which happily announces the arrival and departure of cars from quite a distance.  I'm gratified to be in the wonderful company of so many other self-unemployed folks.  Our band didn't quite make it to the first Charlotte dance we had lined up, but the all-pickup all-the-time band of "Banjo for the People" fared okay for the evening.  You might have recognized much of the band from previous performances by "The Dead Sea Squirrels".  Oh, yes.

    August 25, 2002

    In a fit of inspiration, I have decided that my news page might as well include some of my own news. After all, what sort of person would have come to my web page simply to find a link to something so obscure as the Washington Post (if you did, you missed it already. It's up at the top).

    The list of band names is currently as follows:

  • ssenniug
  • spoon-dog (and the forkheads)
  • the band-itos
  • the desperados
  • the desperate-Os
  • abandonfire
  • falling down the stairs
  • milk money
  • the pure
  • hi low jack and game
  • rude awakening
  • billy goat and the kids
  • the setbacks
  • pearl and the divers
  • ... and some others I forgot