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looking for the latest in lusty scottish ballads and the best of traditional train songs? the mudcat cafe has the absolute best searchable lyric database for a wide variety of folk and traditional songs.
John Hartford All I am is a hole in the air, surrounded by teeth and hair. John Hartford is one of my heroes. Sadly, Hartford passed away in 2001, shortly after his involvement with Brother Where Art Thou.
everyone should see at least one clandestine show. traditional and some not-so-traditional Irish and Scottish songs, with guitar, fiddle, pipes, pennywhistle and bodhran. a regular at the duck.
in the same vein of local celtic music, SixMileBridge is another show that's hard to beat. my last hope for a claim to fame is that when they get famous, i can say that i knew them before it was cool to listen to traditional irish music crossed with 80s rock and folk.
banjo pictures. Pictures of a partly restored S.S. Stewart Universal Favorite (#11619, ca. 1894). I don't have any kids, so this is as close as it gets to baby pictures.
A songbook of mostly old-time, folk and bluegrass tunes. I make no promises to the accuracy of the chords.
I've never seen one of these things for real, but man it looks cool. Supposedly they were really played in the early 1900s. That's a lie. There is one in the Musical History Museum in Budapest, Hungary.  And I saw it.