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A Respectable list of the 50 Greatest Unremembered Films

rusty's list o' cinematic tastiness.

Harold and Maude
an eccentric 70s film about a kid with an obsession with death and a starvation for attention. soundtrack by Cat Stevens. the boy meets an equally but more experienced eccentric, and the film follows their relationship.
Les City des Enfants Perdu, (The City of Lost Children)
terrifically french, i've only seen it with subtitles. this movie is visual and surreal, including a dwarf woman, a man with no soul, a brain with no body, a mad scientist, and seven twins with sleeping sickness. throw in the little french girl (all good french films have a small girl to be the object of pedophilic allusions) and the muscle man (ron perlman, who it turns out doesn't speak french too well.) and you've got one fine film.
same folks that brought you City of Lost Children, this a quasi post-apocalyptic story about a boarding house with an extra incentive for paying up on time.
Better off Dead
john cusack and the eighties. what can you say. it should come right after The Breakfast Club in terms of jewels of the eighties.
take 1984, throw in more amusing satire and a catchy theme song.
Tank Girl
a definite comic-gone-movie phenomenon. Ice-T as a mutant Kangaroo only adds to the fun.
Like Water for Chocolate
it's all in the mole sauce. sensual cooking and star-crossed lovers succeed in making this classic foreign film engaging from start to finish. you only think you're watching a staunch classic until gertrudis steals away to the rebellion in her birthday suit.
brought to you by the same folks who made "Welcome to the Dollhouse". i can't exactly say that it is an enjoyable movie in the purest sense of the word enjoy. it's a good movie. it will make you think, squirm, question things you may have taken for granted -- it is well crafted to meet these ends. do not, i repeat, do not take a date to this movie.

I have seen only a few of these movies, but I trust Lawrence Toppman's reviews, certainly more than the reviews in Houston papers.

Lawrence Toppman's 50 Greatest Unremembered Films

here without any permission whatsoever.


Dr. Strangelove
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
The Producers
Some Like It Hot
This is Spinal Tap


Days of Wine and Roses
Nothing But a Man
The Pawnbroker
The Sweet Smell of Success

Films noir

Double Indemnity
The Night of the Hunter
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Touch of Evil

Love Stories

Atlantic City
Cat People
The Dead
Raising Arizona
The Shop Around the Corner

Children's Movies

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (Dr. Seuss)
Hoppity Goes to Town
Intruder in the Dust
The Secret of NIMH
Jason and the Argonauts

Historical movies

All Quiet on the Western Front
I Am a Fugitive from From a Chain Gang
Julius Caesar
The Last Picture Show
The Roaring Twenties


Anchors Aweigh
Cabin in the Sky
Carmen Jones
The Great Caruso
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum


Fort Apache
The Man From Laramie
The Outlaw Josey Wales
The Ox-bow Incident
Ride the High Country

Silent Movies

The Crowd
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Seven Chances
The Wind


Best Boy
Brother's Keeper
Gimme Shelter
The Panama Deception
The Thin Blue Line