john hartford

a self-made banjo-player and river-boat captain from tennessee. look over
there for a picture. he gets extra points for singing like he looks, playing all three instruments (that is, fiddle, guitar and banjo), and having the best collection of derbies.

joshua slocum

a lesson in the hardcore at sea. read "Sailing Around the World Alone". he was the first person to sail around the world alone, around the turn of the century. incredible adventures on his trip (including bouts with the cannibals of Tierra del Fuego, in which he defeated them with carpet tacks). not to mention that he captained the Northern Light, a tall ship that still holds the record for rounding Cape Horn.
Jamie Zawinski used to be here, too, but these days he just doesn't deserve it. He seems to have taken his image from the Netscape days and used it as a soapbox from which he denounces and whines about everything. I would like to see a cage-match between him, Philip Greenspun, and Richard Stallman.