the games we play



settlers of Catan. the coolest board game ever. very good at instilling that all-american capitalist spirit, except that it's a german game.


Actually, go is the best board game. Like chess, but more elegant, and a nice go board can double as a coffee table.

the mucky duck

ah. the duck. Houston's own little slice of the old country (Ireland, that is) known for good music and beer. Who knew there was Irish music in Texas?

the hat game

variously attributed, the ingredients are simple. yes, a hat, along with pen/paper for everyone. each person in the circle takes 3 slips of paper and writes a person's name on each. You can use names of people in the room, or famous people or fictional people, but don't choose someone that the rest of the group has likely never heard of. into the hat they go, folded up like you're trying to keep it a secret. then, the hat is passed around the circle. each person has one minute to convey the names on the slips to the next person in the circle. For starters, you can say anything except the name on the slip (well, no spelling out names. but you knew that). at the end of the minute, tally the number they guessed, and then the person who was guessing now takes the hat and the person after them guesses. so and on so forth, but now all of the names are gone! No worries, put them all back, but this time you get only one word. Yup. One word to get them to guess the name on the slip, and you still don't get to skip one if you get stuck. This time, once the hat is emptied, put them back and pass it around using only charades to hint the guesser. then you start over... Scores (for those of you who feel the need numerical metrics) are per-pair. Each person shares a score with the person in front of them (with whom they were guessing) and a score with the person after them (for whom they were hinting). so that's the hat game.