Good bands and authentic yankee charm Thursdays at the N. Cambridge VFW.


Monday night contradance in Charlotte at the Unitarian Universalist Church. There is no official calendar for the Monday night dances, but the tentative schedule (I make *no* promises here...) is below:
Date Caller Band Leader Sound/Keys
5-Aug-02 Wes Sturgis Jim Greene John Nance
12-Aug-02 Joy Bruce Joe Cline John Nance
19-Aug-02 Jim Alexander John Bloom John Nance
26-Aug-02 Dean Snipes John Bloom John Nance
2-Sep-02 Nancy Howe's House
John Nance
9-Sep-02 Wes Sturgis Kelly Harding John Nance
16-Sep-02 Nancy Howe Chris Holleman John Nance
23-Sep-02 Dean Snipes Jon Singleton John Nance
30-Sep-02 Jim Alexander Joe Cline John Nance
7-Oct-02 Nancy Howe John Bloom John Nance
14-Oct-02 Wes Sturgis John Trexler John Nance
21-Oct-02 Jim Alexander Jon Singleton John Nance
28-Oct-02 Joy Bruce Kelly Harding John Nance
4-Nov-02 Dean Snipes Chris Holleman John Nance
11-Nov-02 Jim Alexander Jim Greene John Nance
18-Nov-02 Nancy Howe Joe Cline John Nance
25-Nov-02 Wes Sturgis John Bloom John Nance
2-Dec-02 Joy Bruce John Trexler John Nance
9-Dec-02 Dean Snipes Jon Singleton John Nance
16-Dec-02 Jim Alexander Kelly Harding John Nance
23-Dec-02 Nancy Howe's House
John Nance
30-Dec-02 Nancy Howe Jim Greene John Nance
6-Jan-03 Wes Sturgis Joe Cline John Nance
13-Jan-03 Joy Bruce John Bloom John Nance
20-Jan-03 Jim Alexander Kelly Harding John Nance
27-Jan-03 Nancy Howe Jon Singleton John Nance
3-Feb-03 Dean Snipes John Trexler John Nance
10-Feb-03 Wes Sturgis Chris Holleman John Nance
17-Feb-03 Joy Bruce Jim Greene John Nance
24-Feb-03 Dean Snipes Joe Cline John Nance