This paper's a little different from the standard English paper. It is written as a hypertext document. Instead of being one long paper it is a collection of shorter essays joined by links from the main page, and also by internal links. There are also purely internal links that may go to an example, explanation, definition, or related discussion elsewhere in the project. Additionally, there are links to external web sites that contain related documents or information. Basically, the links follow a format similar to that found on most web pages. The internal links are blue and underlined. After they have been followed both kinds of links will be purple. The external links will only work when the computer you are reading this document on is connected to the internet through the campus network or some other internet service provider.

This document is meant to be viewed on the web by any web browser, but can also be viewed as stand alone files, again by any browser running on any operating system (however, it has only been tested with fairly recent versions of each and may not work quite right on older machines or machines with older browsers).

Clicking on a link will open the link (web page or different part of this document) in the same window. Click the back arrow in the web toolbar to return to the previous part of the document. If you wish to open the link in a new window: on a PC: right click over the link, highlight hypertext, and then select 'open in new window', on a Macintosh: click and hold over the link, highlight 'New window for this link' and release the mouse.

The hypertext version of "The Hollow Men" is slightly different in that it allows the reader to view the poem on one side of the screen and the annotations and analysis on the other.  Both sides can be scrolled independently, or clicking a link on the poem will scroll the notes automatically so that the appropriate note is at the top of the screen.

Once you follow a link, whether to another portion of this project or to an external source, clicking your browser's back button will take you back to what you were originally looking at.

If the text is too small to read easily, (in Netscape) you can change the font size by going to the edit menu, selecting preferences, selecting fonts from the left hand side of the screen and selecting a larger font on the right hand side.

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