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Just to make sure it's clear - everything I say about adUni reflects my opinions and experiences at what I hold to be a wonderful program. That doesn't mean I think it was perfect, so just want to say that other students, staff, foundation board members, or corp employees may well see things very differently. Regardless, this was a year I'd like to document as completely as possible, positives and negatives. Hopefully, we'll eventually put a site together where all of the students and staff will be able to publish their thoughts, but this is what I've got for now.

What is it?

I tried to find a short official blurb to compare with my summary, but the best I could do is the current about page.

One simple answer - an one-year (unacredited) post-bacchaluriate computer science program geared towards people who already have a bachelor's degree (not in computer science).

Another - 30-some very intelligent, overeducated, accomplished, fascinating people hanging out in a basement for 10.5 months.

And another- take a course from a MIT (or other top cs school) core ciriculum, cram it into a month, and do 10.5 of them in a row.

A lot of fun, the best education environment I have ever been in, and a lot of hard work.

Why'd I go?

At some point while I was working on my honors thesis at Oberlin, I came to the conclusion that I really should have been a cs major. I picked up the minor, but didn't come close to having the time to get the major. So when I read an an article on Slashdot, about this brand new, tution-free, one year computer science program, it sounded like the perfect oportunity. So I applied the next day and after a series of communications with Philip that made it sound as if the possibility existed for me to work for ArsDigita the web development company while TAing and/or taking classes.

So I attended one of their boot camps to get a feel for the place, spent two weeks sitting in front of a sexy little Sun Ray 1 learning the ACS (arsdigita community system), tcl, sql, and the basics of dealing with Oracle and aolserver. I wrote a lot of .tcl pages and ate a lot of their food. At some point during those two weeks, I found out that I'd been accepted. I accepted immediently and a couple months later I was there. Of course the job/TA thing never panned out, but that's ok, though it was the first indication that not everyone running the place was always on the same page.

So, how'd it go??

Coming soon (I hope).

Updated: April 1, 2001