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About the Curriculum

The curriculum was modeled on the undergraduate CS program at MIT. Several of the courses were straightforward adoptions of MIT courses. A few were specifically designed for the program, which was roughly in line with the ACM's 2001 Model Curricula for Computing. The process of accreditation (ACM or CSAB/ABET) would have been pursued if the program had continued.


Math for Computer Science - Tara Holm
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - Holly Yanco
Discrete Math - Shai Simonson
How Computers Work - Gill Pratt
Object-oriented Program Design - David Goddeau
Algorithms - Shai Simonson
Systems - Luis Rodriguez
Web Applications - Philip Greenspun
Theory of Computation - Shai Simonson
Artificial Intelligence - Patrick Winston
Unix Workshop
Database Management Systems - Ravi Jasuja
Applied Probability - Tina Kapur

Course of study

The course of study at ArsDigita University was sequential, with most courses lasting one month, and was comprised exclusively of computer science and related mathematics. The program ran from September 2000 through mid-July 2001.

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